Black plum benefits,Advantages and disadvantages in 2021. 25 Best Medicinal Properties of Jamun

Black plum benefits

Jamun  (scientific name: Syzygium cumini) is an evergreen tree with purple colored fruits.

Introduction of berries (Introduction of Jamun)

Benefits of eating Jamun: Jamun is a seasonal fruit. Jamun is black and small in appearance, so according to Ayurveda , there are many benefits of jamun due to many medicinal properties of jamun fruit. Jamun is best known for controlling diabetes. Jamun is also known as Blackberry in English.

It has so many medicinal properties that you will be surprised to know that there are many benefits of eating Jamun, such as for digestion of food, for the eyes, for the stomach, for the kidney, for the face, Jamun works very well in all this. So let us know in detail today about the properties and benefits of Jamun. benefits of eating berries

Jamun Mai – Fruits in the month of June or is very juicy and tasty to eat and at the same time it has many medicinal properties. It is also called acidic natural solution. Its taste is very sweet, it is mixed with plenty of glucose and fructose. For Banking System

What is Jamun?  (What is Jamun)

Benefits of eating Jamun:- Jamun is a huge tree which bears fruit. Whose scientific name is Syzygium Cumini . Its fruit is black and purple in color, whose size is about 2 cm. It is known by many names in India like Jamun, Rajmahal, Jamali, Blackberry etc. benefits of eating berries

Jamun Fruit Nutritional Value

Black plum benefits
Black plum benefits
benefits of eating berries

Different Race Name of Jamun

Benefits of eating Jamun: – Jamun has different names, although it is known by many names in India, as you have been told what is its name, so let’s talk about different species of these The species name is Jamun (Syzygium Cumini), White Jambos (Syzygium Jambos), Hard Jamun (Syzygium Operculatum), Bhumi Jambu (Syzygium Zeylanicum), Small Jambu (Eugenia Heyeana Wall) 

By the way, the scientific name of Jamun was not known and the names of the species were also known. So you go on what are Jamun called in different languages .

  • Sanskrit name of Jamun – Phalendra, Rajjambu, Mahaphala, Surabhipatra, Jambu.
  • Hindi name of Jamun – Badi Jamun, Farena, Phalendra, Raj Jamun.
  • Assamese name of Jamun –  जमू
  • Urdu name of Jamun –  sourdough
  • Odia name of Jamun –  Jamo, Bhutonjamo
  • Konkani Name of Jamun –  जामबोल
  • Kannada name of Jamun – Jambuneralon, Narla.
  • Gujarati name of Jamun – जम्बु, झमबुडी.
  • Telugu name of Jamun – Neeredu, Jambuvu.
  •  Tamil name of Jamun – Naval, Sambal.
  •  Bengali name of Jamun – jam, Kalajam
  •  Nepali name of Jamun – Kalo Jamun
  •  Punjabi name of Jamun – Jamul
  •  Marathi name of Jamun – Jambul, Jambul, Raja Jambul
  •  Malayalam name of Jamun – Naval, Perineal
  •  English name of Jamun – Black Plum, Jambolan Plum, Jambul Tree

Benefits of eating Jamun:-

Benefits of eating Jamun (Jamun or black plum benefits in hindi)

Medicinal properties and benefits of Jamun :-

Benefits of eating Jamun:- There are many benefits of eating Jamun. Most of us want to know how beneficial Jamun can be for health and how many diseases it benefits in, so let us know about it in detail.

  • Jamun is very beneficial for the diabetic patient. By the way, jamun controls the amount of blood sugar in the body to a great extent, if you consume it regularly in the season of jamun or helps in curing diabetes.
  •  Jamun has the highest potassium which protects a person from high blood pressure, hard attack or stroke.
  • Blood is also formed in Jamun, if a person is deficient in blood, he should consume it in more quantity.
  • By the way, various types of nutrients are found in Jamun, such as calcium, potassium, iron and vitamins are found in abundance, which increases the body’s immunity to fight disease. benefits of eating berries
  • You can also use jamun to prevent vomiting and cholera, extracting its juice and drinking it cures.
  • If a person has sugar, then mixing jamun juice with mango and giving it is beneficial.
  •  By eating berries, you get relief from stomach problems, as well as you get relief in all the stomach worms, asthma problems and cough problems etc.
  • By eating berries, you get rid of stomach problems like gas formation, etc., and your face gets a glow.
  • If you have more problems of gas formation, then you will get benefit by eating black salt and cumin powder mixed in jamun fruit.
  • A lot of elements are found in Jamun, which gives you immunity to fight in the rainy season.

Along with the fruit of jamun, you also find many other properties of its husband, kernels and bark, knowing about which you can take advantage of it, so let’s take information about the medicinal properties of jamun leaves, kernels and bark. Let’s try.

 Benefits of Jamun leaves :-

Benefits of eating Jamun: – By the way, let us tell you about the benefits of the fruit of Jamun. Now we are going to tell you. About the benefits of Jamun leaves, its leaves are available throughout the year. The patient keeps on consuming it.

  • If your gums have become weak, then you can make ashes by burning the leaves of Jamun and you will get benefit by brushing Datta with it.
  • If your gums bleed or your teeth bleed, if there is any other problem, then you can boil tender leaves of jamun in hot water and gargle with this water, you will get benefit.
  •  If a person has got addicted to opium, then to overcome it, grind the leaves of jamun and extract its juice and giving it to the affected person will be beneficial.
  • If your teeth smell bad, then you will get benefit by eating them by chewing the leaves of jamun.
  • Drinking the leaves of jamun with cow’s milk can get rid of piles.

Benefits of Jamun Seeds :-

Benefits of eating Jamun:- By the way, you have already been told about the benefits of Jamun fruits and Jamun husbands. So now we will tell you about the benefits of Jamun kernels, although most people eat the fruit of Jamun and throw it away. Because the person is unaware about the benefits of Jamun kernels, if you choose the kernels of Jamun and use it by making powder. So if you know about it generates immunity to fight against many diseases.

  • After roasting the kernels of jamun and consuming it regularly in the form of powder, sugar patients get benefit.
  •  If you have got a village or a blister due to injury, then by drying and grinding the kernels of jamun, applying paste or powder on it, you get benefit on the village.
  •  Consuming the powder of Jamun kernels gives benefit in this thing, use it three times a day with one spoon.
  • If you have got stones, then you can make powder of jamun kernels and eat them with curd, you will get relief.
  •  In the problem of blood leucorrhoea, you make powder by roasting the powder of the kernels of jamun and the bark of peepal in the fire and you get benefits after mixing both.
  • If the child urinates on the bed at night, then making a powder of Jamun kernels and feeding it in a certain quantity is beneficial.
  • If you want to make your voice melodious, then you will get benefit by eating jamun kernels powder mixed with honey.

benefits of jamun bark

Benefits of eating Jamun: – Although they have many benefits, if you have come to know about the benefits of Jamun fruit, the benefits of Jamun leaves, the benefits of Jamun kernels, but you do not know about the benefits of Jamun bark. So let us tell you about the benefits of Jamun bark, how many medicinal properties are there of eating it.

Benefits of Jamun Vinegar

By the way, there are many benefits of jamun, so let’s know how many benefits of jamun vinegar are.

  • If you have the problem of constipation, then you will get benefit by making vinegar of jamun and consuming it regularly.
  •  If you have excessive amount of vomiting, diarrhea etc., you will get benefit from using Jamun’s vinegar.
  •  By the way, jamun is a panacea for the patient of sugar, but by using vinegar of jamun, the patient of sugar comes on the verge of recovery very soon.

harm of berries


benefits of eating berries

1. Which vitamin is found in Jamun?

Vitamin C is found in abundance in Jamun.

2. What is the effect of Jamun?

Jamun is a natural fruit as well as acidic condition. It tastes both sour and sweet. It has a hot figure and molluscumbency.

3. How is Jamun Vinegar made?

Jamun is kept in an earthen pot with salt for a few days and after filtering it and keeping it in a vessel, you can drink it.

4. What is the value of Jamun?

You can know the price of Jamun in the market itself.

 5. What are the benefits of Jamun?

There are many benefits of eating berries, about which we tell you above.

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